Making time for yourself

Over the past 2 years since opening the clinic, I have been rapidly reading books and blogs from entrepreneurs and world leaders, in an attempt to help make my first foray into business ownership a successful one. Book after book, blog after blog, I keep seeing the same message: to be successful, you have to make time for yourself.

We’re all busy. I get it. Between being a father, husband, clinician and business owner, time is scarce for me too. I found quickly that it was next to impossible to find time – if I had a spare hour, I could think of any number of important things I “should” do with it – so instead of finding time, I decided to figure out how to make time.

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Kinesiology Tape and Laser Therapy

Anyone who has watched the Olympics has seen many athletes covered in various colours of tape for different reasons. This is kinesiology tape.  The efficacy of Kinesiology Taping has been debated recently in both scientific literature and social media.  In my practice I have found taping to be very beneficial to many patients for numerous different conditions, with the most noticeable and effective being acute (very recent/immediate) injuries. Continue reading Kinesiology Tape and Laser Therapy