Hiking shouldn’t hurt!

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Living in Calgary, we are perfectly situated to enjoy the incredible hiking trails throughout our backyard. There is nothing quite like spending an adventurous weekend exploring the mountainous trails in the Rockies. But for anyone who has ever “over-done it” on a hike, you also know that there is nothing quite like the painful struggle to get out of the car after sitting through the drive back to Calgary. While some soreness can be expected after exerting yourself on the trail, many of the aches and pains can be avoided. Hiking shouldn’t hurt! Continue reading Hiking shouldn’t hurt!

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Hi, I’m Anna and I am a Manual Osteopath at Energize Health in Calgary. I’m here to explain what manual osteopathy is, what I do as a Manual Osteopath and how you may benefit from the techniques I use in my practice at our clinic. Continue reading What is Manual Osteopathy?

Heads Up! – Are You Developing Text Neck?

Look around any mall, bus stop, school, or work place and you will likely see someone looking down at their phone. This posture and the symptoms that accompany it are referred to as Text Neck. Repetitively flexing the neck forward to look down at a screen can cause an array of short term symptoms and put your neck at risk for long-term effects. Continue reading Heads Up! – Are You Developing Text Neck?

Living a Life Pain Free – A Look at Laser Therapy.

When you hear the word “laser”, you may get an image of a red beam of light cutting through metal, or an invasive surgical procedure. What you may not know is that laser is often used in a therapeutic rehabilitation setting. It’s not the same type of ‘hot laser’ used industrially or surgically; rather a therapeutic laser (laser therapy) is a non-invasive, painless treatment which uses focused light at specific wavelengths to help reduce and often eliminate pain from injuries.
laser calgary closeup Continue reading Living a Life Pain Free – A Look at Laser Therapy.