Mobility and Movement Training

Virtual and In-Person Sessions Available 

Increase your strength and mobility to move more easily and reduce pain. 

Benefits of Mobility Training:

Mobility sessions are custom tailored to achieve functional results that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

  • Improve your limited range of motion
  • Improve your balance 
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Gain valuable knowledge about your body
  • Break through training plateaus and improve your athletic performance
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Decrease any general stiffness, soreness and pain

Introduction to Mobility Sessions

What is Mobility Training?

A typical mobility training session starts with a functional movement screening. Your trainer will ask you to move in various ways to determine where you are limited, restricted or vulnerable. After the assessment, your trainer will work with you to design a mobility session that is comfortable and effective. The goal of all mobility training is to enable you to move easier, feel stronger, and reduce any discomfort.


Mobility sessions are designed for the individual needs of each client, depending on the findings in the initial assessment. Even if you have never been a very mobile/flexible person, everybody has the ability to improve their movement.


Theory of Mobility Training:

Injury Prevention: Increased range of motion, combined with better body awareness may help to prevent injuries. Imagine stepping off a sidewalk and rolling your ankle. If your ankle is more flexible and strong, it is more likely to tolerate this sudden, unexpected movement, possibly lessening the degree of injury. By Improving your body awareness, you may be able to regain your balance and also limit the amount of strain placed on the ankle, thereby decreasing risk or severity of injury.

Improved Athletic Performance: Range of motion can either hinder or help athletic performance. A golfer may generate more power with a larger backswing, whereas an olympic weightlifter may need more wrist flexibility than a long distance runner. Each sport, athlete and person will have their own unique requirements for mobility based on their desired activities. A mobility program ensures you maximize your potential by combining mobility and strength to enable you to feel flexible and secure. 

Stress Relief: Moving your body feels good. Endorphins, (the bodies natural pain killing, feel good hormones) are released when we move. This may lead to a sense of well being, and decreased stress.

Our Extraordinary Trainer

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River Lennox, RMT.Mobility Coach